Goals for 2019

Out with the old, in with the new!

I’ll be writing and posting more here in 2019, considering that there are multiple projects that I intend to start/continue developing.

The two current projects that I have on my plate are as follows:

  • Path of Exile Stash Analysis (Java w/ Spring Framework) – Spring Web program that for a given logged-into account will return stash tab information, including gear information and analysis. The target audience is myself, in case I want to have something to quickly scan my items and verify possible upgrades, given build archetypes.
  • Flight from the Dark Visual Novel (Ren’Py) – Visual Novel representation of the first Lone Wolf game book, Flight from the Dark. This is mainly to get started in writing in a new language (Python), as well as play with Ren’Py, which has been on my list for a while. Having a concrete game source to work on is a bonus here for me, as sometimes it’s difficult for me to come up with original ideas. The programming will not be the difficult part; I may need to either spend some personal investment into learning visual art and music, or see if there are other people interested in contributing to said project.